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I’m Elissa Kelly, a PCC certified, Solopreneur Business Coach. With experience transitioning from my own corporate career to launch multiple successful coaching businesses, I have found there is more to success than just being a great certified coach — you also need to be great at the business side of coaching.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a Fortune 100 insurance executive and corporate climber. With a keen eye towards risk and how to mitigate it, I was able to thoughtfully plan my transition and create six-figure financial success in my first year of solopreneurship. Now, you get access to this guidance to design your transition, launch your business, and grow successfully as an executive coach solopreneur.  

Proven results

Built a Successful Coaching Business
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Years of Experience Mastering Business & Risk
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A photo of Elissa Kelly

Knowledge to support you

With a track record of high client satisfaction and a wide array of courses, we're here to ensure your growth from a certified coach to a thriving executive coach solopreneur.

We know what it’s like to be without the large scale resources you had access to in your corporate role, and need guidance on where the best options lay, and how to resource your time effectively, and how to source corporate clients and make money as an executive coach.  

Your corporate transition can be smooth, now that you have access to the Elissa Kelly coaching program that will help you start a coaching business that turns you into a successful executive coach solopreneur.

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A photo of Elissa Kelly

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