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Elissa's proprietary risk quiz is designed to assess your readiness and identify risks, ensuring you're prepared to move forward with confidence.  Risk doesn’t need to be scary, particularly if you gather the right data, assess the risk, and mitigate it for success. Take the risk quiz now, and get actionable solutions to support your transition to executive coach solopreneur.

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Frequently asked questions

How can this quiz help me start my coaching business?

Our quiz assesses your readiness across professional, psychological, life, and financial areas to outline actionable steps for your journey.

What kind of data will I need to provide?

You'll reflect on your professional experience, leadership roles, and personal brand to gather insights into your entrepreneurial potential.

What if I'm uncertain about entrepreneurship?

The quiz helps gauge your comfort with ambiguity and self-reliance, crucial traits for successful entrepreneurship. Being an executive coach solopreneur isn't for everyone, and this quiz helps you identify your growth opportunities.

How will my life obligations affect my business plans?

You'll evaluate your current and upcoming obligations to strategize an optimal time for launching your business.

Evaluate risk, assess your readiness